The Bumphead Parrotfish

Bolbometopon muricatum is a member of a conspicuous group of shallow water fishes (parrotfishes in the family Scaridae). They are closely associated with coral reefs (Bellwood, 1994; Randall et al., 1997). The bumphead parrotfish is the largest member of the parrotfishes. This fish can grow to a maximum total length of 130 cm and weighing up to 46 kg (Donaldson and Dulvy, 2004; Randall, 2005).

Adults are primarily olive to blue green or grey in color with the anterior region near the head being yellow to pink in coloration (Randall, 2005). A prominent bulbous bump on the forehead, from whence the generic name is derived, is also a common feature observed in adults. Juveniles are greenish brown in color with 2-3 vertical rows of white spots along the flank (Bellwood and Choat, 1989; Randall, 2005). Adult bumphead parrotfish are found primarily on shallow (1-15 m) barrier and fringing reefs during the day. And they rest in caves and shallow sandy lagoon habitats at night (Donaldson and Dulvy, 2004).

Bumphead parrotfish are recorded from many areas across the Indo-Pacific: the Red Sea, East Africa, Asia, Australia, the Line Islands, Tonga and other island nations in the western and South Pacific. Their range also extends through some U.S. territories, including American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and Pacific Remote Island Areas in the Central Pacific (Mundy et al., 2011). In Indonesia itself, Bolbometopon muricatum is popularly found in Bali and Palau.


Kingdom         : Animalia

Phylum               : Chordata

Class               : Actinopterygii

Ordo                : Perciformes

Family              : Scaridaee

Genus              : Bolbometopon

Species            : Bolbometopon muricatum


Aldion Adin (MDC XXIII)

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